delivering immersive digital community experiences

tony moores is the founder of tjm solutions, a firm dedicated to helping organizations deliver immersive and collaborative digital experiences. he is a veteran digital commerce practitioner who has been developing, teaching and consulting in that domain for two decades. tony has been a technical sme for strategic customer endeavors related to all aspects of omni-channel commerce with deep industry knowledge related to retail & b2b commerce.

prior to his career as an independent consultant, tony worked in education, consulting and sales for atg and oracle where he shaped the talents of hundreds of business and technical commerce practitioners, guided solution development and provided expert advice on all manners of omnichannel retail. he left oracle to lead professional access’s technical direction as their chief technology officer, guiding their solution offering and asset development. now, tony is bringing over 20 years of experience in business development, technology orchestration, process optimization, training, troubleshooting and architectural design to his own customers.

commerce strategy

need based evaluation of platforms, tools, processes and systems related to commerce for new installs, migrations, upgrades and enhancements. opportunistic enhancement via adoption of new search, marketplace and intelligent systems.

digital transformation

align technical road map to business objectives. deploy microservices to modernize while reducing technical debt. optimize resources according to fit & function. adoption of headless/api-first & content driven strategies.

experience engineering

recommend strategic steps to boost engagement. marry architecture & tooling to your community, education and retail goals. evaluate dashboards and business user tools against operational needs to maximize out-of-the-box functionality with process and outcomes.

workshop management

organize and drive sessions with stakeholders to manage:
requirement discovery & elaboration. system mapping, gap/overlap analysis. analyze organizational agility & readiness. explore benefits and practical approaches to msa adoption.


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tony moores | founder

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